(Disc Brake Version)

The Greenspeed GTO Touring Trike is designed for touring, and has been made so that it will pack down into two suit cases for aircraft, train or coach travel. There will also be a fair amount of room in these cases for clothes, etc.. More stuff can be packed into pannier bags, which can be taken on board an aircraft as cabin luggage.

Note that these photos show the 2000-2003 model GTO, later models have different steering and seats.

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1. Remove all parts from suitcases or box, and unwrap all parts.

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Tools required:- 8" Cresent, 6mm Allen Key ("T" or short), Flex Head Allen Key - 4,5,6,& 8mm, 17mm or 11/16" Socket Wrench, Long S&S Wrench. Note:- Socket Wrench not required for 2002 on models, which have axle cap screws instead of nuts.

2. Untangle handle bars from front cross member (may need to remove brake caliper)



3. Mate rear section to front section.


4. Tighten S&S Bicycle Torque Coupling- tight!


5. Fit front wheels loosen both caliper screws and remove front, shorter screw, to swing caliper clear of disc note must have axle spacer on axle between kingpin and axle. Tighten axle nuts (M10 17mm socket wrench) and caliper screws (M6 5mm Allen key).


6. Fit rear wheel and tighten axle nuts 15mm S&S coupling wrench.


7. Connect rear cables. Screw the two cable joiners together. Thread black and yellow gear chain pulley assembly over toggle chain, and press it onto rear axle nut. Make sure the toggle chain is screwed into the axle as far as it will go, and then undo until it lines up with the cable. Turn the pulley assembly so that the pulley supports the chain. Put the three speed shifter into position 3, and push the end of the toggle chain into the black cable connector, so that it just takes all the slack out of the cable. Note that the 3 speed and the rear derailleur cables cross over between the handle bars and the slotted stops


8. Fit the Seat. Put cap screw through main tube, at front, and two cap screws through rear seat brace, into seat stays. Tighten rear M8 cap screws with 6mm "T" handle or short 6mm Allen key.


9. Tighten front M8 cap screw with 6mm Allen key


10. Fit the front boom with cranks.


11. Adjust boom for leg length. The heel should just touch the pedal with both the leg and crank fully extended. Align the boom with the derailleur post vertical. Fit and tighten the two M6 x 25 boom cap screws.


12. Thread the chain through front derailleur, down through the chain guide tube, and then under the chain guide pulley, around the cluster, and through rear derailleur.


13. Pass other end of chain through lower chain guide tube, and join the ends together with the SRAM Power Link. Lift the chain onto the front chain ring.


14. Connect the front derailleur cable.


15. Fit rear rack, mudguard and mirror. Rack is attached by 4 M5 caps screws, mudguard by clips, and the mirror mounting screws onto the top of the kingpin.


16. Road test to check leg length adjustment, gears, and brakes.

17. Check tightness of S&S coupling with wrench before each ride.



last modified date: 02/07/2002 IMS