(Disc Brake Version)

The Greenspeed GTO Touring Trike is designed for touring, and has been made so that it will pack down into two suit cases for aircraft, train or coach travel. There will also be a fair amount of room in these cases for clothes, etc.. More stuff can be packed into pannier bags, which can be taken on board an aircraft as cabin luggage.

Note that these photos show the 2000-2003 model GTO, later models have different steering and seats.

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Tools required:- 8" Cresent, 6mm Allen Key ("T" or short), Flex Head Allen Key - 4,5,6,& 8mm, 17mm or 11/16" Socket Wrench, Long S&S Wrench. Note:- Socket Wrench not required for 2002 on models, which have axle cap screws instead of nuts.


1. Remove chain from trike by undoing Power Link. Squeeze both sides together, and then push ends of link together to release to the grooved pins into larger part of hole, and separate sideways. Pull chain out from derailleurs and chain tubes. Put chain and power link in a plastic bag.


2. Remove cable from front derailleur. Remove the front boom by loosening or removing the two M6 x 25 Allen screws replace screws in bosses for safe keeping.



3. Remove seat from trike by taking out front Allen cap screw (M8, 6mm key) under front of seat, and hidden Allen cap screws in rear of seat (M8, 6mm "T" or short "L" Allen key). Replace front screw in seat, and rear screws in seat stays for safekeeping.



4. Dis-connect cable joiners in rear cables by unscrewing quick release joiners.


5. Loosen the two M6 cap screws (5mm Allen key) holding the brake caliper to the kingpin mounting arm, and withdraw the shorter front one. Remove the front wheel axle locknut (M10 Nyloc 17mm socket wrench), and then swing the caliper down and back to clear the disc brake rotor, so that the front wheel can be slid off the axle ( see photo). Make sure the bearing spacer/washer stays on the axle, and put the axle nut back on the end of the axle for safe keeping. Re-mount the caliper back onto the kingpin, and remove other front wheel, the same way.


6. Remove rear wheel by loosening the two axles nut, with 15mm end of coupling wrench. Note that these are a special 10.5mm thread, so make sure you screw them back onto the hub for safe keeping.

7. Loosen the S&S coupling with the S&S wrench, and then unscrew the rear section for the frame.


8. Loosen the handlebar clamp screws (M6 x 25 5mm Allen key)


9. Tuck one side of the handlebar under the cross member, and then the other side. Note you may need to remove one caliper to get the other side tucked under. Replace caliper.



These photos show how the parts will fit into the 1st suitcase:



10. Wrap front section with padded, Velcro edged tube protectors.



11. Place the covered front section in the suit case note if the case is a tight fit, one of the calpiers may need to be removed. Then cover the rear section and fit that. Then cover the cranks, and pack them in.



12. Pack chain, mirror, and tools, and then add rear wheel, followed by one front wheel. This completes 1st suitcase. Note clothes can be used for extra packing, and things like chain, mirror and tools could be put in 2nd case to even weight between cases.



13. Put other front wheel and rack in 2nd, smaller suit case, then add seat and rear mudguard. Note clothes and other items can be used for extra packing, and to even weight between cases.



14. Packing finished!

Suit Case sizes :- Large 32" x 24" x 10", Medium 30" x 20" x 9"


last modified date: 06/08/2004 IMS