Don Elliott

I established my composites consulting and manufacturing company in 1982 (; having worked in the Composites Industry since 1973.  My experience covers a diverse range of specialty areas such as sports/race cars, boat building including ocean racing yachts, human powered vehicles (HPV) design/construction/racing, solar car design/construction/racing, composites training course design and curriculum, lecturing and teaching in Australia and overseas.

My interest in HPVs started in 1992 with designing and building a faired race trike for my son’s school entry into the RACV Energy Breakthrough 24th Hour Event.  At this time I first meet Mike Rogan who worked with me in construction of the project. Since then I have concentrated on a range of Reflex Fairings primarily designed for racing and have won many design awards and most major competition events in Australia .

Also in 1992 I was approached by Ian & Paul Sims to consider designing a commuter fairing for recumbent trikes and various designs were trialed. Velomobile No. 1 was a ‘head out’ variation of my Reflex 700 fairing I made for Paul Sims “Bezerk” team to race at the 2006 Wonthaggi 24 hr HPV event.  Mick Sims said that, with refinement, this would make an excellent Velomobile.  This led to Velomobile No. 2 “The Glyde” is an excellent example of evolutionary design developed over 2 years in parallel with the Greenspeed space frame trike.

The “Glyde” prototype was very successful at its inaugural launch at the Interbike Expo in the U.S.A. and set new race records in its 1st 24 hr HPV race in Australia .

The Greenspeed Glyde will be a new benchmark for all others to follow.