So what can you expect when you ride the GLYDE?

Speed & efficiency. When you ride an unfaired (or naked) trike you can always 'feel' the invisible wall that you invariably will hit. That wall screams out your maximum speed on the flat, and there isn't a whole lot you can do to get past it without injuring yourself. In the GLYDE, you will find that wall is much farther away. You can hit the wall of your naked trike speed but find yourself still accelerating past it. The feeling is truly joyous! Secondly, the wall seems much less solid?you may get to it eventually, but you've got a bit of extra space if you need it.

We predict that the average person's cruising speed should be roughly 50-60 per cent faster in the GLYDE than on a naked trike (based on the gt3). We have done extensive roll testing on a variety of vehicles, both faired and unfaired. But not everything is about being faster. With superior efficiency you can also expect to go farther for the same amount of effort. So if you were, say, putting off pedaling to work because it is a bit too far for you, then the GLYDE may be the answer.

Comfort. It is a common misconception that riding in an enclosed trike would be unbearable in the sun. Truth is, however, since you are, for the most part, in the shade of the fairing, you would be cooler than on a naked trike. During one race across the Australian desert on a day of roughly 100 degrees F, we found that the student drivers in a solar/human-powered hybrid had chosen to block off some of the venting in the vehicle, as they were getting too cold! These drivers were holding 28 mph at the time, by human power only.

The venting system of the GLYDE is still being perfected, but you may expect similar results. It is already well documented how a VM can enhance rider comfort also in colder and/or wetter weather.

Better handling. The full suspension not only affords a plush ride but also keeps all three wheels on the road for more of the time. This gives better handling through a wider range of road conditions. The rigidity of the frame deletes pedal steer, and the steering geometry eliminates brake steer.

Greater safety. You are more protected in a VM, encased in its space frame and body work. The GLYDE has a wide track and an extremely low center of gravity that keep you safer around corners. Placement of the wheels within the body of the vehicle is designed to lend a good approach angle, for example, such that driveways and speed humps don't scrape or bounce its nose as the rear wheel goes over them.

Versatility. The GLYDE can accommodate a wide range of riders. Most, if not all, members of your family should be able to adjust the seat, jump in and ride off. This gives you better value for your investment. It also makes the GLYDE a great option for company fleet vehicles.