Greenspeed Chain Gobblers

 Greenspeed Chain Gobblers are a new accessory, which automatically adjusts the length of the chain, so that the leg length can be adjusted quickly and easily between riders of different height and leg length. Thus an adjustment which previously took a mechanic ten minutes, you can now do in ten seconds, without getting your hands dirty!

All 2011 GT and Anura trikes are fitted with a special bracket to accept the Chain Gobbler, and the Chain Gobblers are now available from Greenspeed dealers. To fit the Gobbler to older Greenspeed tadpole trikes, a new crank extension with the Gobbler bracket is required. To retro fit a Gobbler to an older Anura, a new front frame would be required.

These notes show and describe how to fit the Gobblers.

 There are two 10 t chain pulleys supplied with each kit. For the GT kits, one is attached to the moving 12 x 372 mm rod, with the M8 x 40 mm cap screw and 16 x 29 mm spacer. The rod is then attached to the crank extension bracket with a M8 x 35 mm cap screw, the two scalloped rod washers, and the M8 nut see pictures. 

Then the 2nd 10t pulley is attached to the bracket with a M8 x 35 mm cap screw and the 16 x 22 mm spacer. The bracket is then attached to the trike with the two 35 mm Q/Rs, in place of the two M8 cap screws in the boom bosses. 

Finally split the return chain, thread it through the two 10 t pulleys, and add enough chain to give the normal rear derailleur adjustment.

The set up for the Anura is similar except the parts are slightly different as show in the photos, and the M8 nut is not required.

Once fitted, all that is required to adjust the crank position to suit the rider is to flip the two Quick Release levers, move the cranks to where they suit the rider, and the tighten the Q/R levers.

Recommended retail price is $149.


GT Chain Gobbler fitted to
Greenspeed GT5 trike

GT5, Left hand view