Magnum Rack Instructions


Rack Type

This Greenspeed Magnum Trike Luggage Rack is hand made from 3/8" American Cro Mo 4130 alloy steel tubing, zinc plated and then powder coated. These racks have a 40 kg (88 lbs) load rating, a universal bracket for a rear reflector or light, and attach with M6 x 10 mm cap screws to the top dropout eyes, and to the seat stay Quick Release clamps with longer M6 x 40 mm cap screws. 


To fit the rack or rear fender stays, it may be necessary to run an M6 tap through the dropout eyes to clean out any powder coating. The ends of the vertical legs are then attached with two M6 x 10 cap screws. Note that the legs will force the rear mudguard (fender) stays inward, as the screws are tightened. Also note that on later Magnums, which have two fender stays, longer M6 x 16 cap screws are used to secure both the rack and the top fender stay to the dropout eye. The locating grub screws should be removed and discarded from the seat stay Quick Release clamps to allow them re-align with the rack, and then the clamp thumb screw is replaced with a longer M6 x 40 mm cap screw to hold the forward legs of the rack. Note that the seat stays should be assembled on the trike so that the clamps have the clamping screw holes to the rear, and the slots on the lower stays face rearwards. If this is not the case, then the stays should be swapped from one side to the other. Tighten clamp screw until lever is firm when pressed home. Finally tighten bottom screws.

Tap out dropout eyes.    Screw bottom leg on.   Remove  grub screw.

Replace clamp screw.  Firm up Q/R clamp.  Tighten bottom screw.

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