Does size matter?

(Greenspeed Magnum debuts at RCC)



“I can’t get in or out of it.” Said the big man, as he struggled with a Greenspeed X5 at a dealer’s shop in Jackson, MS.


“Hmmm…,”  thought Ian as he watched the prospective customer struggle with one his favourite trikes..   “this machine is no b. good for this man, so what do I need to do to accommodate him and the millions like him in the USA?”


As Ian Sims, CEO of Greenspeed, and his marketing agent, Deanna, toured the USA last year, they spoke to many dealers and customers, and found the same story in a number of places.


Thus as the Trike Guru flew home, he started throwing out many of his cherished ideas of how a trike should look, and began working out how the famous Greenspeed handling could be incorporated into a larger trike; a trike that would be easier to get in and out of.


Many dealers had asked for 20” wheels, with a higher seat, to allow easy entry and exit, but Ian hated that, pointing out that it hurts the handing and road holding, and that 20” wheels are weaker and heavier. So, how to fix it? Working on the Greenspeed principal that three things are normally required for a proper fix, the front wheels were cambered to give extra stability without extra width, the cross member was “Ved” back to bring the seat closer to the standing rider’s legs, and finally the seat was made adjustable for height as well as recline. Thus if a rider lost weight through riding the trike, they would then be able to lower the seat, and gain the benefits of a lower center of gravity. Plus cambering the front wheels, using a stronger rim section, and increasing the spoke count, enabled the use of 20” wheels without compromising the strength. 


However the big surprise was that once the first “GT Plus” prototype was built in Australia, late last year, even with the seat at 17”, the trike was far more stable than expected, and what’s more it was faster than expected! However, despite having numerous other improvements over the GT trikes, like tool-less adjustments and folding, the Guru was not happy about the weight, which had grown with growth of the trike. So this year he spent two months in Taiwan working with the best aluminium engineers, and the trike was completely redesigned in 7005 aluminium, following the success of the Anura using that material.


The result of this redesign is the “Magnum” (adjective - unusually great in power or size) which represents the culmination of over twenty years of research and development in trike design at Greenspeed. At last – a trike which can be used off road as well as on road!


So just how good is the Magnum?


Check it out for yourself. It will be exhibited to the public for the first time at Recumbent Cycle-Con at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA  October 21st through the  23rd. Come by Booth 1026 and 1027 and meet Ian, Les, Jerome, and Deanna from Greenspeed. Everybody is invited to check out the Magnum and take a test ride.


Greenspeed Quad Debut

The Greenspeed Anura delta trike was designed for able bodied people. However because the machine is so easy to mount and dismount many disabled riders have found it to be the answer to their prayers, and have found themselves riding again, despite an illnesses which they believed would prevent them from ever riding again. On the other hand it’s conveniently narrow width makes it less stable than some would like. So rather than increase the width, or lower the seat height to improve stability, the Anura is now available with a FOUR wheeled option: the Anura Quad. It will also be making its debut at the Recumbent Cycle Con.



Greenspeed Magnum Specifications:-


Aluminium 7005 alloy with quick release seat and centre fold




76” *


30” to 35”

Seat Height

12” to 17”

Seat Angle

30 to 48 degrees

X-seam range 40 - 48 inches

Ground Clearance


Turning circle






Front Wheels

Push button quick release

Rear Wheel

Standard bike quick release


20” alloy


Stainless Steel


20” x 2.0” Schwalbe Big Apple


27 speed Shimano


Shimano Sora 170 mm, 52/42/30t


Shimano/SR 9 sp. 9/32

Front derailleur

Shimano Sora Touring Triple

Rear derailleur

Shimano Deore super long cage


SRAM nine speed


Shimano Dura Ace Bar End

Gear Range

19” to 116”


Twin Sturmey Archer 90 mm drums

Rider weight limit

400 lbs

Luggage weight limit

80 lbs

Trike weight

42 lbs

* with crank extension at max.

Specifications subject to change without notice.



Guru listens to dealer

Cro Mo GT Plus Prototype

Testing 7005 Magnum Prototype in Taiwan

Magnum, Seat High

Magnum, Seat Low

Larger 90 mm drum brake with push button Q/R

Wide range 9/32 cassette



Anura Quad