Run or Cycle?

(Greenspeed Magnum runs in NYC Marathon)


The New York City Marathon is the world's largest marathon which has been going for 40 years, and last year had 47,000 entrants. In 2000 wheelchair athletes were allowed to compete, and now over 200 wheelchair and hand cycle athletes compete. However there are a large number of disabled people who cannot run, nor are competitive in wheelchair or handcycle, but can manage a recumbent trike. So last year, after a lot of campaigning, Denise Lanier, a former Triathlete, now disabled with MS, won the right to compete on a recumbent tricycle. So this year, on November the 6th, Denise, AKA "Wonky Woman on a 'Bent Trike" will cycle the 26.2 miles on the new Greenspeed Magnum trike.









 Greenspeed Magnum

Denise with Deanna from Greenspeed and service dog, Luke.