Greenspeed has been a family business ever since it started in 1990. Originally conceived by Ian Sims and started in the shed in the backyard, Greenspeed now has expanded into three factory units in a neighbouring suburb. Ian now employs nine fulltime staff, four of these are family members Christine, Paul, Mick and Rachael.

Greenspeed originally started by building each trike individually for each customer, around one trike per month. One of the first customers was in New Zealand, possibly a sign of the exports to come.
After some years of struggling away in the shed with three extra employees Paul, Scott and later Mick, Greenspeed took the big plunge and moved into a lease factory, meaning bigger overheads and Greenspeed's first big test to still break even.
With demand increasing and parts supply starting to burst at the seams, a mezzanine floor was constructed for parts storage upstairs, assembly downstairs that was protected from the fabrication going on outside the newly constructed walls.
A few employees came and went in the next few years with Harry in assembly becoming one of the current crew.
By this stage, construction was getting up to around 2-3 per week, and room was becoming scarce once again. It was decided and timely that the unit next door came up for lease, so next door became solely for manufacturing. Read more...