A Unique Delta Trike



The Greenspeed Anura is designed to be easy to ride. Rather than having a low seat like most tadpole trikes (2 wheels front, and 1 rear), and some deltas (1 wheel front, and two rear) the Anura seat is set at the same height as a kitchen chair, at 17 to 18” above the ground, plus there is no cross member or front axle in front of the seat, so mounting and dismounting is much easier. The higher seat also gives more confidence in traffic, yet having the seat closer to the paired wheels than the single wheel gives more stability than expected.

Unlike other delta trikes the Anura has a differential as standard equipment, which gives balanced two wheel drive. And with 75% of the weight on the driving wheels V 33% for a tadpole trike, the Anura has far superior traction on loose or slippery surfaces, like gravel, mud, or snow.  The three wheel disc brakes provide more powerful braking than most trikes, and steering is light, positive, and accurate with a small turning circle. To reduce weight the Anura frame is made from 7005 aluminium alloy, and the rectangular main tube allows the length of the frame to be varied by 10 inches to suit the leg length of rider, while keeping the front frame in perfect alignment.  16” wheels are standard on the Anura because they result in a lighter and more compact trike, than could be built with 20” wheels. Furthermore with the special Scorcher tyres they roll easier and give a better ride than most 20” wheels! However for a still higher seat and more ground clearance, 20” rear wheels are now available, and later in 2013 there will be a 20” front wheel option.

Another feature of the Anura is the square section rear axle brace tube, which has been designed as an integral towbar, and has a 12 mm boss which can be used for towing trailers, or for accepting the Tandem Coupling. This Tandem Coupling enables the Anura to be converted to a tandem, triplet or even a train of Anuras, by removing the front wheel of the stoker’s Anura, and fixing the forks to the coupling. This has meant that a number of people with serious health issues, who thought they would never, ever be able to cycle again, are now riding again with their loved ones! In fact the easy mounting of the Anura and its adaptability has seen riders with serious illnesses, like for example MS, make miraculous improvements to their life through regular exercise in riding the Anura.


Two Anuras coupled in tandem - 4 wheel drive!

Tandem coupler


Unlike the GT, the seat on the Anura is adjustable for angle, and to cope with the more upright seating position favoured by many delta trike riders, the base of the seat has 3” of foam rubber to make a really plush seat, with some measure of suspension. And unlike many bikes with aluminium frames, there is fair amount to vertical flex built into the frame. Thus the combination of the special Scorcher tyres, the seat and frame, you can be sure of a smooth ride. Further Anura features are the narrow width to provide easy negotiation of bollards, gates and even standard house doorways, plus the vertical parking facility, so that it will take up very little space when parked.

There are now four versions of the Anura :-

1.     1. The RL Anura has the standard “27 speed” derailleur gear system, comprising of a 9 speed rear cassette and derailleur, plus a triple crankset. This gives a gear range of 14 gears from 18 to 80 inches. This setup uses a mid-cage rear derailleur, giving 2” of ground clearance with the standard 16” wheels.


2.     2. The SL Anura has the Schumpf Speed Drive instead of the triple crankset. This is a two speed bottom bracket which does away with the front derailleur and derailleur post, making the front of the trike a lot cleaner and easier to mount. There is less overlap of gears with 18 possible gear combinations giving a range from 21 to 87 inches with 13 individual gears. This system only needs a short cage rear derailleur, giving 3” of ground clearance with the standard wheels. Another advantage of this system is that the Schumpf can be changed while stationary, so that if you have had to stop suddenly without time to wind down the derailleur gears, you can just hit the Schumpf button, and it will drop the equivalent of 4 derailleur gears to enable an easy take off from rest.


3.     3. The IGH Anura takes the internal gearing one step further. As well as discarding the front derailleur, we now discard the rear derailleur and use a much cleaner method of changing gear than pushing the chain from one sprocket to another. IGH means Internally Geared Hub, whereby the gears are inside the hub instead of being exposed to road muck on the outside of the wheel. Almost any IGH can be used in the Anura, from a 3 speed Sturmey Archer to the 14 speed Rolhoff hub with a 500% range. However our standard set-up uses the Nu-Vinci continuously variable hub, the N360, plus the Sclumpf Speed Drive. This hub is an incredibly quiet and smooth hub with NO steps or clunks in changing gear as there are no gears inside the hub! It is continuously variable between the ratios of 1:0.5 to 1:1.8 (360%) and with the Schlumpf, this range is increased to 594%, or from 14 to 86 inches. Like the Schumpf, the ratio can be changed while stationary as well as under power. The complete absence of a rear derailleur or tensioner means not only less maintenance, but a more than doubling of the standard ground clearance of the SL from 3” to 6.5” with the standard wheels.



IGH Anura

Nu Vinci Drive


1.     4. The Anura Quad is a quadricycle rather than a tricycle. While the narrowness of the Anura is very handy for getting through tight places, some people wanted more stability. So how to make it more stable while still retaining the narrow width and the high seat? Answer – add a wheel! The problem with adding a wheel to a tadpole trike is that on uneven ground one of the rear wheels will leave the ground, so if there is only one wheel drive, or two wheel drive with a differential, you will suddenly have no traction!  And if you use two clutches, turning will be compromised. However with the Anura, thanks to the superior weight distribution, both drive wheels stay firmly on the ground, if a front wheel lifts, the other wheel seamlessly takes over the steering duties of both front wheels. After all, at this point it is just becoming a trike again! The Quad is achieved by changing the trike front frame for a Quad front frame, so it can be retro fitted to an existing Anura trike, and one could even have a trike or quad just by changing the front ends. Standard gearing on Quad is the 9 speed 11-28 cassette. However this could be upgraded with an 11/34 cassette or a Schumpf Drive.


ANURA HISTORY - Design and Development


Anura Specifications


7005 Aluminium Alloy

Seat Angle Adjustable 39 – 63°
Track 26.4” / 67 cm
Wheel base 52-68" / 132 - 190 cm
Width 28.5”/72 cm
Length 69-85”/175-217 cm
Seat height 17 – 18” / 43 – 45 cm
X-seam range Small frame 34 - 44", Standard frame 40 - 50" 
Ground Clearance 2” – 3”(R/D) 3” – 4” (R/D) 6.5”  (bars) 3” – 4” (R/D)
Turning circle 11.5' -15.2' / 3.5 m - 4.6 m (kerb to kerb)
Trike breakdown Removable seat & separable frame
Brakes Avid BB5 cable disc
Front hubs Chosen Co. sealed bearings Greenspeed
Spokes Stainless Steel, 14g
Wheel sizes 16" x 1 1/2" and/or 20" x 1.5"  
Rims Jetset alloy, 20 - 349 & 20 - 406 Velocity
Tyres Greenspeed Scorcher 40 - 349 & 40 - 406 Scorcher & Kojak
Cranks Shimano or Sugino Schulumpf SD 2sp. Sugino
Chain rings 50/39/30 or 46/34/24 34 / (51) t 44t
Front Derailleur Shimano Sora None
Cassette SRAM 11 - 28t  9speed Nu Vinci SRAM 11/28 9sp.
Rear derailleur Sora mid cage Sora short cage none Sora short cage
Chain SRAM PC- 951
Shifters Shimano Dura Ace Bar End Nu Vinci Sun Race
Pedals Black Plastic
Gear range 27 sp. 18-80 g" 18 sp. 21-87g" Infinite sp. 14-86g" 9sp. 26-65 g"
Weight 18 kg / 40 lbs 19 kg / 42 lbs 20 kg / 44 lbs
Rider and luggage weight limit 135 kg / 300 lbs
Standard equipment

Two whee drive with differential, three wheel disc brakes

Optional equipment

Tandem coupler, fenders, luggage rack, computer mount, light mount

Boxed size 125 x 32.5 x 60 cm / 49 x 13 x 24 inches
MSRP $2,990 $3,135 $3,585 $3,435
Note :- Specifications subject to change without notice. Photos for general illustration only, thus equipment shown may vary from specifications.