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Optional accessories will include -

Front fender, rear fenders, Burley trailer hitch, rear luggage rack, front dynamo hub wheel

Available from Angletech, to add carrying capacity to your Anura, is the Angletech Aerotrunk and the Angletech Trunk. Please check the links for more details and prices.
Angletech Aerotrunk, click for larger view

Available from Greenspeed dealers is the Anura tandem coupler. This neat device turns two Anuras into a tandem or many Anuras into a train! The main body is anodized alloy containing stainless steel axle and pivot. The pivot fits into the rear of the towing Anura and the front fork of the towed Anura is fitted to the axle of the coupler. Price of the coupler is $180 USD / $240 AUD. A PDF of the fitting instructions can be found here.