That’s right, folks. The doors are open, step into the Greenspeed factory and design your own trike! Yes, create the perfect trike for YOU, using tried, tested and true steering geometries, weight balancing, sizing and strength ratings-- all the hard work has already been done for you.

Now don’t think you need to be a designer or even know a lot about trikes to step into the Custom Shop. Our pdf form takes you through each design element and is packed with info about how/why you would make each decision.

The form has been designed for you to use in conjunction with your local dealer so that you can combine your needs with the dealer's experience and our 16 years of expertise. Do give it a try, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is!

Adobe Reader (link below) is required to view the order form. You can download the US currency form by clicking on the icon below. It’s 1.3 MB so it may take a while for dial-up users. Save a blank version of the form, fill it in at leisure and, when you are ready, print it out and take it to your dealer. A completed form cannot be saved unless you have a higher level of Adobe Reader. No doubt many of you have stopped in here to see the latest specs on the glo or the x7 trikes. I’m sorry to say there are no standard specs as such. One person’s touring glo-20 is likely to be a world of difference away from someone else’s raceworthy glo-16.

Our intention is to promote the Custom Shop as a whole, rather than highlight individual models. When the website undergoes a proposed "complete overhaul",  there will be full details on each of the six Custom Shop models. Until then, we’ll be posting photos of the different models as we get a chance to photograph them.