Fender components list

You should receive

2 Fender mounts (left and right)
2 punched fenders
6 washers (3 per fender)
6 bolts (3 per fender)
6 nuts (3 per fender)
1 jam-nut

How to attach the fenders to your trike

For the mirror side of your trike, simply unscrew the mirror post from the kingpin, and place fender on over tyre. Then screw mirror post back on. For a non-mirror side, use the jam-nut to hold fender on. It is important to do the fenders up tight because the fenders may slacken. You may need to get a second spanner/wrench to hold the lower nut as you tighten the mirror post or jam-nut. If you have a cyclecomputer/speedo. Unclip sensor mount, un-wind cable. Then unscrew mirror post as normal. Place fender on and tighten mirror post back on. Loosen speedo by placing a 4mm Allen key into open end of speedo mount. Then rotate speedo mount to desired position, and tighten it back up. Wind speedo cable back around the frame in a similar fashion it was. Leave no excessive slack in cable, and keep away from discs as to not catch in them.