Following are some tips that you might find particularly useful for tandem owners.

Tightening the chain between the front and rear cranks can be a two-person job. Assuming you have already set up the cranks for your leg length, get one person to sit on the front seat, loosen off the front boom bolts and push on both the pedals simultaneously. While the chain is taught tighten the boom pinch bolts. Although the chain may seem excessively tight, it loosens as you pedal, so reducing the friction.

The order for assembling a two coupling tandem is as follows, depending on the amount of disassembly.

Firstly reconnect the frame and tighten both the couplings, by hand at first, then firmly with the coupling spanner (wrench).

Secondly attach the wheels and the disc brake callipers. Note make sure the wheel spacers are in place before you attach the wheels.

Thirdly reattach the gear cables making sure they are seated correctly in their stops and do up the cable splitters. If they don’t reach, maybe you have put the cables in the wrong stops, change them around and try again.

Lastly, attach the cranks, fit the chain and adjust the front chain. Note:- The cranks MUST be set up with the front cranks ninety degrees out of phase with the rear cranks to reduce stress on the drive train components. i.e. when the captain's cranks are vertical, and stoker's cranks must be approximately horizontal. Hint a piece of tape wrapped around the crank extension to mark your leg length is a great time saver if you disassemble your trike regularly. Test your brakes and go for a ride. Check your gears while you are riding.

A five coupling tandem is the same as above except for the following points.

Attach the frame pieces together first, then attach the rear seat by placing in the bolts first (finger tight), then tighten up the couplings by hand and then firmly with the spanner (wrench). Tighten up the bolts with a 6mm Allen key. For the front seat fit the two lower bolts first, then the remaining top bolt. Tighten the bolts up with the Allen key.

This model also features the folding handlebars to make it compact, so they will need to be rotated up vertically, and tightened up into position with a 5mm Allen key.

Finally tighten couplings (especially under the front seat) as tight as possible to assure a safe ride.