Lights can be fitted to just about all Greenspeed models. There is normally a tag welded to the front of the trike where a headlamp can be directly screwed on. If you have a handlebar style clamp the optional mount (part # LT-MT) can be attached to the tag and your light clamped to it.
fig 24

The tail light mount (usually on the seat top) has an M5 thread if you want to change it from the one provided with your trike.

We recommend battery bags opposed to bottles as they use up less space and don’t take up your water carrying capacity.

If you have something particular you want mounted that doesn’t fit any of the mounts provided, you probably should have let us know, so that your frame was custom fitted to it. Don’t despair, as we may have a solution to help you.

Dynamos can be fitted. We recommend the highly efficient Busch & Muller "Dymotec S6" (part # DN-BS) and (part # DN-BRK) for easy installation. The LightSpin dynamo is one of the newest products on the market offering high efficiency never heard of up until now (part # DN-LS).
fig. 25
fig. 26
Pannier bags have been specially designed for Greenspeed using the finest materials available today. The design eliminates the ‘heel cutaways’ found on regular bags which dramatically increases the volume (part # AC-BAG2). These bags also include reflective tape and easy to adjust and remove clips for secure mounting.
Pumps come with pressure gauge, and will pump up to 130psi. The Topeak Road Morph Pump (part # AC-PMP) is convertible and can be used on either schrader or presta/french valve.
fig. 27