Here’s where we fit the crank extension using the coin. Firstly loosen the screws on the underside of the boom with a 5mm Allen key and completely remove the front screw and thread it in from the other direction. Place the coin in the slot (fig. 7) and tighten the screw so that the slot starts to open (approx two complete turns).
Note don’t place the coin too far in or it will stop the crank extension from going in. Note careful to not over tighten, as this may make it harder to fit the extension and possibly damage the frame. Next step is to insert the extension into the boom taking care to not damage the protective shim inside the boom. Hint starting it off with a slight angle can help so as not to catch the edge of the shim (fig. 8).
Remove the coin and turn the screw around to its correct position and pinch up one of the screws. Lightly grease the pedal threads and fit the pedals. Hint left and right pedals have different threads, the right one tightens clockwise, the left one anticlockwise. Sit on the seat and place your heels on the pedals and adjust the extension so that your leg is slightly bent when in the outstretched position (fig. 9). To align the extension, sight along the top of the bottom bracket to the front of the seat cover and rotate the extension until they line up. Tighten screws when happy. Note you may find small adjustments can make a big difference, so play around with this setting before you do a long ride.
fig. 8
fig. 9

Next fit the cables into their appropriate cable stops/guides. The cables have been fitted at the factory so should just fit straight in. The rear derailleur is usually just bolted on using a 5mm Allen key taking care to hold it up far enough to not damage the ‘b tension screw’. Hint to get the cable outer into its stop, make sure the shift lever is all the way forward, then with your hand, push the rear derailleur into first gear (the largest sprocket) while putting the cable outer into its stop.

The front derailleur is similar but the cable has been removed. Put the outer into all the stops, lever forward and cable into the clamp where it has been pre-bent for easy installation (see fig. 10).

fig. 10