To fit Dual Drive screw in shifting rod. Make sure thumb shifter is in 3 so the cable is slack. Holding the click box in hand, push the top button all the way down. Making sure that the cables are correctly seated, slide the click box over the shifting rod and axle all the way on. Once the click box is steadily on, push the button up, from underneath. If the click box doesn’t stay on, repeat the above procedure making sure that the yellow lines are aligned on the click box.


fig. 11.1  fig. 11.2
Fit the chain next following the diagrams shown. Hint start by feeding the chain through the front derailleur cage, down the chain tube (see fig. 12), under the pulley, over the sprockets and down through the derailleur. Put the rest through the lower tube and join the two ends together, making sure the chain is not twisted inside the tubes, with the split link provided or use a chain breaker if you prefer. Check the Chain adjustment section to make sure the chain is the right length. Note if this is not correct, damage may occur to your rear derailleur.
fig. 11.3
Connect up the brakes next following the diagram provided. Check the brakes by squeezing the brake levers (see fig. 13). Should they not feel right for you, check the Cable adjustment section.  If you are using discs see the Disc brake section.
You must be getting pretty excited by now as your Greenspeed is taking shape and looks ready to ride. Quickly check the gears by placing an object either under the left dropout or the left side of the ‘T’ piece of the frame (fig. 14). If the shift is fine you can go for a quick spin around the block, if not, go to the Cable adjustment section.
fig. 12
Did you have fun? Is everything working ok? You can fit the rest of your accessories now eg rack, mudguard etc. To appreciate the finer points of riding a Greenspeed see Riding tips.
fig. 13
Note there is a ‘break in’ period of around six weeks, so check that bolts are still tight (especially the crank arm bolts) to assure that your trike and you stay safe, and prolong the life of the components. If you own an S&S model of trike, it is most important to re-tighten your couplings after the first ride and re-check after every ride with the spanner (wrench) provided
fig. 14