Schlumpf Innovations

High Speed Drive



The Schlumpf Innovations range of geared bottom brackets-- made in Switzerland to timepiece precision. Instead of running multiple chainrings up the front with much overlap in the gears, a planetary gear system is employed to provide a unique gearing between the the crank arms and the chainring. This means that with the Mountain Drive option, for example, your chainring spins at 1:1 in direct drive and your cranks rotate 2.5 times for every single revolution in low range. Using a 60-tooth up the front in direct drive, it drops down to the equivalent of a 24-tooth in low!

See Schlumpf for more info and instructions.


Mountain Drive - high 1:1, low 2.5:1
Speed Drive - high 1:1.65, low 1:1
High Speed Drive - high 1:2.5, low 1:1 

All drives, $847

Available as an upgrade on X-series and GTT trikes at time of purchase: 




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