We have now finished testing the 1st 4 lots of samples of the "Scorcher" - the new Greenspeed designed slick tyre. We have also had independent tests done by A to B Magazine in the U.K., who use roll down tests for tyres, on real roads. These tests have confirmed our lab. rolling resistance tests and have also found that the "Scorcher" gives the best ride as well as the lowest rolling resistance.

After testing the Schwalbe Stelvio the Primo Comet, and the Greenspeed Scorcher, the editor of A to B magazine, David Henshaw, made these comments :-

"These three tyres have very different characteristics - the Stelvio rolls least well and is very harsh (suspension improves both counts as you might expect), the Primo comes somewhere in the middle, and the Greenspeed gives a comfortable ride with the lowest rolling resistance."

See A to B article, Issue 45, December 2004.

The 1st Scorcher tyre is a new size, of 16" x 1 1/2" or 40 - 349, making it the largest section size available for the 349 mm bead seat diameter rim. The actual overall diameter at 100 psi is 17.0" or 432 mm. Width at this pressure on a 19 mm rim is 41 mm. Recommended pressure rating is 40 to 100 psi.

The 1st production batch of 1,000 tyres has now been finished, and is about to be dispatched from the tyre factory. Of these, 400 are destined for new GT3s and GT5s, 300 will go to our USA distributor for Greenspeed dealers, 250 will come to Greenspeed, and 50 will go to our UK Agent, Westcountry Recumbents. Thus the Scorchers should be available from our dealers sometime in February 2006.

With successful testing of the 349 samples, I have commissioned the mould for the 406 tyres. The 406 tyres will have the same section size as the 349s, and will be 20" x 1.5" or 40 - 406. These should have comparable rolling resistance and comfort to the Tioga Comp Pool, yet be lighter, and have less wind drag. Samples are expected for testing in February, and production in March. Back HOME