Why a Greenspeed?

10 good reasons

The Ride.  Have you ridden a Greenspeed? Sounds like a silly question, but many of our potential customers are told there is no difference between our trikes and those of other brands. Not so. Once you get the trikes side by side, you will invariable find that there is NO comparison. Steering on a Greenspeed has been so finely tuned that you only need to think about where you want to go... and you're there! At any speed you'll feel safe and in control, with plenty of road feedback to tell you what's going on. Plus, the comfort of the ride makes the experience sheer pleasure. Yes, the proof of a Greenspeed is in the ride!

Unceasing Development.  At Greenspeed we don't rest on our laurels--  we're always thinking there's a better way to do things. We have been industry leaders in the conception and development of new ideas that many others end up adopting and using as their own. All the Greenspeed team have trike experience and bring that experience to the design table, avoiding assumptions on what a recumbent trike should be. We take feedback, including criticism, on board and work closely with our dealers to take our products up another notch.

Reliability.  Greenspeed has been making and improving trikes longer than anybody in the trike industry!!! We have seen the abuse our trikes can withstand; we have tested them for ourselves and experienced their dependability. We carefully fashion, make or choose each component that goes into a trike--  considering, first, its long-term reliability and quality, then value for money. We back all our products and offer to replace them should they fail.

The Seat.  Some of the seats have been chiropractor-designed to provide the rider with maximum bodily support-- they're not just a bunch of tubes thrown together at some angle because they look good that way! (Which they do as well.) The tubes are then covered with a UV-resistant nylon mesh and laced with absorbent elastic cord, so chosen and designed to absorb most of the road shock in order to help cushion you from the wear-and-tear of long miles or to help get you to work in comfort.

The Drivetrain.  Another example of our unceasing development. Our drivetrain has seen many changes since we started building trikes in 1990, from chains you could hear before you saw the trike, to a transmission that feels as if the pedals were connected directly to the back wheel. Our Delrin toothed chain guide pulley is widely known and often supplied on other manufacturers' recumbents because of its quiet and proficient operation. The tubing used to guide the chain is custom-made for us, and is not the off-the-shelf water pipe regularly used by others. The chain to the rear wheel is linked gingerly and with minimum deviations to keep it efficient.

Materials.  We often get asked why we use chrome moly (known also as chromoly or cromoly) steel on our frames. We use this type of high-tensile steel as it is particularly sturdy when used in a non-triangulated configuration. In other words, if a structure features no supporting or bracing tubes, a lot of flex will occur in the frame members. Chrome moly steel is great at absorbing these stresses, having thrice the strength of mild steel. As well, its fatigue life is far superior to that of metals such as aluminum. Because of its lightness, however, we now use aluminum on certain parts, including the handlebars, crank extension (the adjustable frame section containing the cranks), steering rods and our sturdy custom-designed racks.

Parts.  We not only make world-class trikes, we have parts specifically made for us that are a cut above the rest. From the Delrin pulleys to disc brake hubs to special kingpin components to our own tires! Our famous Scorcher tires are the result of our quest for a tire that rolls better, grips the road robustly and is more efficient at lower pressures.

Custom Options.  Greenspeed offers the widest custom options of any manufacturer. We have built trikes for a wide range of people-- from the tall to the not-so-tall, from flyweights to heavyweights, from the able-bodied to the physically impaired. We have constructed lightweight racers as well as load-hauling tourers. All our custom trikes are exactly that: tailor-made to suit your requirements. And, usually, ready in a matter of 4-6 weeks!!!

The Build.  We don't just grab the parts for your trike and throw them all together in a box, no. We fully assemble your trike and roadtest it first. Pretty hard to roadtest a box to see if it's okay! We align and test the steering, adjust and test the brakes, run the chain and trim the gears to make sure there are no (unfortunate) surprises when it finally arrives at  your doorstep.

The Looks.  Lastly, we're not in the habit of going by external appearances but we do have to admit it-- our trikes look good! They are stylish, attractive and keep their good looks. The range of color options is breath-taking and the exceptional quality of its paintwork has brought Greenspeed compliments from all over the world.